Learn Astrophotography - Private 1 on 1 Online Workshop

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Learn everything you need to get started with astrophotography.  This is for all levels of photographers looking to get started in taking photos of the night sky!

Topics Covered

Gear - How to get the most of the gear you have and what pieces of equipment will help you advance

Planning - Based off your location or a trip you have planned - We'll look at when and where you can head to capture the best photos of the Milky Way / night sky. 

Settings - Based of your equipment - Optimal settings will vary depending on the gear you're using. We'll take your specific camera and lenses in to consideration 

In Field Shooting Tips - How to focus your lens and composition tips to make the most out of your time under the stars.

Processing / Software - Overview of basic processing techniques for bring out the most detail in your files. 

You can book a 2 hour session and save the second hour for after you've captured your own photos that we will process together or we can use that time to dive further in to any questions or techniques you want to cover.

For anyone that is brand new to astrophotography, I highly recommend booking 2 hours.

After booking, I will send you a link to a calendar to select a time for your private workshop!
All sessions will be screen recorded and sent after class for you to keep / reference.