Cape May Astrophotography Presets

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Unique presets developed from photos taken in Cape May during our workshop! These will work in Lightroom or in Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop.

Like all presets, there's a chance it will be one click and done, but I suggest using them as a foundation to give your editing a kickstart. After applying a preset, try making changes to various adjustments to see how it impacts your image.

A few notes about the presets:

I varied some of the key settings so hopefully there will a preset to get you start whether your image is a bit on the darker side or if you exposed to the right with the help of Moonlight or a fast aperture. 

If you like the overall look from a specific preset, but the brightness of your image is off, you can start by adjusting the Exposure adjustment.

The presets have some noise reduction turned on that should work as a pretty good starting point. 

Whether your adjusting the presets or editing from a blank slate, make sure you're not too heavy handed with any one adjustment. If you're unsure, give it a few and come back with fresh eyes. 

I know we covered a whole lot of ground over the course of the workshop, so I hope these will get you started in your editing journey and help dial in your own unique style while helping pull out detail throughout your image. 

Installation: I included screenshots to help install in both Photoshop and Lightroom.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy them!