Astrophotography Processing - Private 1 on 1 Online Workshop

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Learn everything you need to take your astrophotography editing to the next level.  

Topics Covered - We can go through a how-to of all these methods or go more in depth on any specific technique you'd like to learn more about.

Single Exposure Editing - Maximize the amount of detail you can pull from your single file.

Stacking for Noise Reduction - We'll cover multiple methods of stacking your images to create the best looking images as free from noise as possible.

Blending Images - Whether taking a blue hour foreground exposure or a longer at night, it's important to balance these images correctly with your exposure of the stars. 

Tracked Exposures - Using a star tracker is a guaranteed way to pull more detail from the night sky, but means you'll need to take and edit a separate exposure for your foreground. We'll cover how to mask and blend the exposures together to create a stunning final image.

 You can book a 2 hour session and save the second hour for after you've captured your own photos that we will process together or to dive further in to any questions or techniques you want to cover.

For anyone that is brand new to astrophotography, I highly recommend booking 2 hours.

All sessions will be screen recorded and sent after class for you to keep / reference.

After booking, I will send you a link to a calendar to select a time for your private workshop!